2023 Onyx Valkyrie 240 USSSA Softball Bat


Introducing the 2023 Onyx Valkyrie 240 USSSA Softball Bat – the ultimate weapon for power hitters. Featuring an end load swing weight and a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter, this bat delivers maximum performance and durability. With its advanced composite construction and precision engineering, the Onyx Valkyrie 240 provides players with unmatched power and control on the field. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a rising star, this bat is the perfect choice for dominating the game. Order yours today and unleash your full potential!

1 Year Warranty from purchase date is Non-Transferable.

13.5 Inch Barrel


Special Joint Flex

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Introducing the 2023 Onyx Valkyrie 240 USSSA Softball Bat, the ultimate weapon for softball players. With its cutting-edge design and innovative features, this bat is designed to help players take their game to the next level.

The Onyx Valkyrie 240 is a 2-piece bat with a flex connection piece that provides exceptional energy transfer on contact. This ensures maximum power and distance on every swing, allowing players to hit harder and farther than ever before. The bat is also USSSA and ISA approved, making it legal for use in all major softball leagues.

It is available in a range of weights, from 24 to 27.5 ounces, making it a versatile option for players of all sizes and strengths. The bat features an end load, which provides additional power and pop, giving players the confidence they need to crush the ball out of the park.

The Onyx Valkyrie 240 also boasts a honeycomb grip, which provides a comfortable and secure hold on the bat. This grip has a great feel and helps reduce vibration on contact, allowing players to swing with more confidence and control.

The signature on the bat belongs to Jourdan Hitchins/Anderson, a talented women’s softball player who competes in the women’s conference circuit. She is associated with Onyx, and her impressive skills  & heart have earned her the honor of having her signature on the bat. It is a testament to her dedication and hard work as an athlete, and a fitting tribute to her contributions to the sport. We appreciate you Jourdan!

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